DOTD: Meditating at the office

For the past year or so a goal of mine has been to meditate 10-15 minutes daily, but I am used to meditating in silence and solitude, and some days this makes it hard to fit into my schedule.

My dare of the day was to do a session at my office, which is an open space I share with 4 other freelance creatives. There is a nice little corner nook with a couch, so this is where I sat and did my meditation just now. I don’t think the other two people present actually noticed, but still, dare done!

There was more inner mind chatter/mental distraction than usual, understandably, but I’ll get better with time and actually it can be a way to improve my meditation skills.

My fear/resistance around this was that the others would think it’s weird that I do that, and also it’s vulnerable to be in a shared space with your eyes closed and your attention turned inward — who knows what your facial expression is like then? (But also: WHO CARES?)

I will continue to do this whenever the need/opportunity arises, and I will work up to a dare of the day asking if anyone else is interested in meditating together some time. Ha! My throat is getting tighter just thinking about that, so it’s probably a good dare. 🙂

Love this work! Thank you!

Camille in Paris.