Mental chatter (buffering?)

So. I feel ridiculous posting again about my stupid no-sweets-after-dinner challenge that is so much more of a challenge than I anticipated. Ridiculous. Getting a little annoyed with myself.

I am seeing this as a broader question than just the sweets or no sweets — it’s about not answering every urge I have and sitting with discomfort and delaying gratification.

A couple of questions as I try to inch my way forward:

1- Can it be my compelling reason to stop being annoyed with myself and just prove to myself I can do it? I know I’m supposed to recognize the compelling reason when I see it, but I’m curious to know your thought.

2- I am finding I have a lot of mental chatter throughout the day about eating or not eating those sweets after dinner. It’s getting tiring and it is probably a form of buffering. Do you have advice for reducing the mental chatter? When the thoughts pop up, should I just tell my brain “You know what the plan is, we’re not discussing this anymore” like it’s my five-year-old? 🙂 Or maybe “This is useless mental chatter; here’s what’s productive for you to think about” and redirect my brain to something more interesting?

Thank you!