DOTD – Sharing my manifesto

Here goes:

I want to inspire joy, strength and wisdom with insight and example. I want to create stories that show kids what’s possible and who they can choose to be when things get hard. I want to speak truth always and let them judge. I want to act as though I cannot fail, even after I do fail. I want to find joy every day. I want to LOVE my friends, family and strangers, even when it’s hard and won’t be returned. I want to create even when it won’t be appreciated. I want to give when there is nothing in it for me. I want to dance and sing and not worry who might be around to judge. I want to laugh and make others laugh. I want to love me every day. I want to be energized when I get out of bed. I want my mind to serve me and my goals. I want to feel full of light that warms me and anyone I come into contact with. I want to grow even when it hurts, even when I’m tired, even when there are no guaranteed rewards.