Down Days

Most of my days are great and I have thoughts about myself that serve me. I have noticed about 1x a week I have a total spin out day. I get depressed, cranky, negative, anxious and think thought work is total B.S. I have noticed I want my husband to try to pull me out of it and then when he doesn’t do that in the way my manual says I get annoyed at him. I have thoughts about myself like “I don’t deserve to be a coach.” “I should just leave and never come back.” “I am a fake.” “I haven’t accomplished anything in my life.” “My marriage is doomed to fail.” etc. etc. Its like a thunderstorm. During these times I don’t self coach because I am in such a negative place and so victim/indulgent mindset that I think everything TLCS is worthless. HELP! How can I at least get to the place where I can coach myself or have more awareness so I can catch myself before I start spinning out. I have also tried to just feel cranky, depressed, worthless but I end up getting angry at myself for being like this and reacting to these feelings.