Drama In My Head / Just Throwing up emotions / Going out of my mind

I just want the drama in my head to end !!!!! I’m tired of the same old storyline I’m not good enough, this is never going to work etc…. !!! I have soon many examples of what is working in my life that it far outweighs the “Ass part of life ” 🙂 I just started with you in June and I know that you are going to be my guardian angel !!!! I am a bad ass mother fucker that has done so many great things I have four beautiful children a wonderful wife of 17 years a Commercial Fishing business that I have for some reason fallen out of love with but I have turned it from a small business of just my brother’s and I into 3 boats and over 20 employees I should be jumping out of my skin with happiness Joy Gratitude instead I’m suck in my head pointing out the BAD PARTS I am really ready to change my story and stop being a fuckin victim and that’s what I keep doing as well beating myself up for being a VICTIM I wish I could love myself the way I deserved to be loved !!! My wife and children love and adore me and I just can’t take it in and I don’t know why ….. I want to be a happy passionate loving man