Is drama basically a delusion?

I mean, facts are facts. They are what they are. But when people add the “drama” to certain situations I tend to jump in the drama also and get on the same page with them as far the “oh no she DIDNT” kinda attitude. 🙄

I’m really frustrated with this part of myself.
With me being this way, it has all the more pushed me away from finding my true self and taking ownership of my life.

I’m almost to the point of just not talking to my mom and MIL. This is what usually happens.

C: I talk to either of them on the phone. They bring up a topic about people at church.
T: why am I getting just as mad as they are? Why do I care? I’m not even there and I’m all pissed off.
F: discouraged
A: thinks about how I don’t have a life of my own (or at least I’ve never taken time to find it)
R: doesn’t answer their phone calls next time they call.

Why DO people create “drama”?

Is it because they have no life, so therefore they create a false sense of it through drama?

Thanks so much