Drawing unwanted attention

I’m losing a ton of weight – and fast – on my protocol. I’m doing all of the emotional work and learning tons but my quickly changing body is resulting in some circumstance changes that I’m not managing terribly well in terms of thoughts and feelings. I’m getting a lot of attention from men now, and it’s VERY uncomfortable. In fact, I DISLIKE it. They’re not gentlemanly responses in many cases. There’s a huge ick factor that I don’t want to use to self sabotage my progress. I’m scared that if I continue on this path, even more unwanted and disturbing attention will come my way. I don’t want that, but that falls into the category of something I can’t control.

C – Men make comments on how I look.
T – These comments are crude and disgusting. My weight loss is drawing unwanted attention.
F – Belittled, objectified, shame
A – Ease off my protocol to prevent further attention
R – Self sabotage my success

C – Men make comments on how I look.
T – The comments are juvenile and do not warrant any further thought.
F – Indifferent
A – Continue on my path.
R – Achieving health at my natural weight.

How is that model? If OK, the problem I’m grappling with is that I don’t believe it. Not really. I’m struggling with just letting their rude comments roll of my back. I tense up when I see men looking at me, checking me out. I don’t like it! I’ve actually considered putting clothing I like back on the rack in favor of something frumpier because of this. That makes me sad. Any suggestions?