The dreaded fee discussion

Dear Brooke, My problem has to do with clients who balk at paying my fee – before I actually do the work. I am an attorney and have a niche practice focusing on a type of health care professional. I give advice on a variety of issues related to their practice and business. Ninety-five percent of the individuals who seek advice from me are perfectly lovely and pay their bills on time and without complaint (and sometimes even include a thank you note with their check). Five percent try to make me feel bad about my hourly rate, before we have had our consultation, and they succeed. I spend an inordinate amount of time stewing about how to handle the fee discussion. If someone says something like “The initial consultation is free, right?” I reply no, explain that the lawyers who work like that are doing case evaluation in that first encounter and I am not taking on a big case but am giving advice. When I run a model it is my feeling and action that I have a problem with:
C Potential client balks at my fee
T Their problem; they can go elsewhere or do the research themselves
F I am a hardheart
A Respond that I understand my fee might not fit their budget…(and leave it at that?) (How to decline to work for free but do it elegantly?)
R They go away (or maybe come back, because I didn’t make them feel bad?)
C same
T I can help them; I don’t need the money
F I am a sap; not running a charity – or should it be I feel fortunate to be able to help?
A I give them free advice
R They keep coming back, and refer their friends, all expecting pro bono
How would you handle this?