I had a dream last night where I had a relationship with a man and I wanted to leave. When I woke up, I thought that I had this dream because there is a part of me who wants to leave my husband. I don’t want to leave him right now but it’s like I’m planning to do so later, when our kid will be old enough, or when I’ll have enough money. Another part of me don’t want to think about it, I tell myself maybe one of us will die before, or a miracle will happen and I’ll be happy.
I had a coaching call with Brooke some time ago, she asked me if I could be in peace with my marriage the way it is and I said yes. She also told me to practice the thought “This is full and complete and good enough.” I guess I just have to follow fully her advice because a part of me is still sad and frustrated about my marriage.

C dream last night
T this shows that my relationship is not like it should be
F sad
A judge my marriage as not good enough, don’t speak proudly about it with a friend, compare her relationship with her boyfriend to my relationship with my husband, envy another friend which will be single soon
R I don’t like what I have

C dream last night
T this is nonsense because my life is full and complete and good enough?
It seems like I could believe it a few weeks ago but not today after this dream.
I don’t really believe that this is is full and complete and good enough, compared to other people. I could think that before, so why am I trying to have a relationship that is impossible for me to have right now? And I am really ashamed to feel frustrated. Thanks for your help!