Dressmaking and Money

The call today was sooooo amazing! Big giant hugs to the gal debating between being a business coach and a life coach. It really resonated with me when you asked her what she would choose if both were successful and generated money.

I’m a lawyer and have a long term plan to leave practice and become a Life Coach. I launched an ebook this year and am focused on getting out of debt this year. But, to be 100% honest…if all of my choices were amazingly successful and you could promise me I’d make loads of money…I would be a dressmaker.

My coaching would be related to fashion, styling, and teach old school charm.

I tried a dressmaking business before, but quit and hated my reasons for doing so. I now am armed with thought work, but don’t even know where to start. My March thought is related to my weight goal.

Do I keep this re-discovered possibility on the side now that I’m aware of what I really want? Now that I’ve allowed myself to acknowledge my real desire…I have the urge to do something. Eeks! But what?@