Drink plan

Many of my drink plans are just not to drink. I dont find the current drink plan effective for the days i plan not to drink. If i dont abide by the drink plan i always do the write and move on. But i think it would help to have some thought for nondrinking days. Whats happening is a few things. I plan not to drink and either its easy for me withiut urges or i drink and dont allow the urge. On my drinking days , 3 on the weekend i make it up to a bottle. Now for me this might just be my ultimare goal which is basically not to drink or drink in isolation during the week and drink up to a bottle on the weekends. That for me could just be normal and im okay with that. It could change as i perfect that. So the problem is im not accumulating emergency urges or allowed urges. So i think i posted this the morning. Can an urge be , “ i want that wine tonight because im with friends but im not having it. But it doesnt have to feel emergent. I have not been counting these as urges because they dont feel overwhelming.