Intermittent fasting

From age 12-30 or so I had disordered eating, initially bulimic then restrictive. Through work with Geneen Roth I have eaten pretty healthy (in terms of nurturing myself ) for 17 years – through 3 pregnancies and raising kiddos etc. I however replaced my food issue with alcohol- not hughly – but to point I realize the feelings I buffered with food are partially worked through – and partially buffered with alchohol. I’ve been doing stop over drinking for a year, on and off and I continue. I realize that I want to take even better care of myself as I work through this and want to pay strong attention to what feels like wonky blood sugar issues. I no longer want to drink too much coffee, or unconsciously go long periods of time during day with snacking instead of really nourishing my body with protein and fresh veggies/ grains it desires. I decided today to try introducing a day or two a week with intermittent fasting – only herbal tea upon waking – but a cup of coffee with meal around 11. Blood sugar feels much better. So here is question – I have no physical reaction I notice to wheat. I would like to leave some whole grain bread, pasta now and then and granola in my diet. I see no reason not too but I feel I’m doing it wrong if I do. I want to honor what feels right to me- but also want to check. Thank you!