Drinking plan failure

So, I used to drink a bottle of white wine….daily. You know how easy that is to do. I stopped that when I decided to lose weight. I couldn’t drink 675 calories of wine a day and lose weight…no brainer. Now I have lost my weight and want to “drink socially”. I don’t want to want to stop. I want to drink “normally”…ha, hilarious, right? Anyway, I have decided to drink you more than 2 or 3 times a week. On the days I don’t drink, its easy. I barely think about it. But, on my “drinking days”, I always overdo it. Always. No amount of planning helps. Once I have had 2 drinks, I have 4. And then I love it during the actual time of drinking, until I wake up at 3am can’t get back to sleep and don’t feel my best the next day. What I visualize is having 1 or 2 drinks and then stopping. But, I have yet to be able to stop once I start. Like everyone, once I start my inhibitions go away, I want to continue to feel as good as I do, so I continue. Drink plan…what drink plan, dumb idea anyway…until the following day. How does one actually follow a drink plan, once they are pleasantly….buzzed?