protocol questions

Hi Brooke,

I love the new addition of overeating and overdrinking calls. I joined because of these two issues. I joined in April and have been starting and stopping eating on protocol with a couple days of success and then a much longer period of eating off protocol and answering all my urges. So, I’m now actually heavier than when I joined. I think this is one of those it gets worse before it gets better. So, I’ve recommitted and am eating per my protocol. For two weeks of no sugar and flour I’m including eating a breakfast of two fried eggs and a small amount of avocado. Lunch and dinner is 8 ounces of vegetables and 4 oz of protein. I’m letting myself feel tempted, desire, etc and keep telling myself I’ll be ok. This is my back story, but this leads to my questions after watching this months overeating calls…

1. When you talk about a joy eat, doesn’t this effectively ruin the efforts of no sugar/no flour. If I were to include a joy eat, would I want to go a full two weeks without sugar/flour before adding one in??

2. Should I wait to begin fasting through breakfast until I’ve been off sugar/flour for two weeks? Or can I add it in at anytime?

3. When you mention bone broth, is that something that I can eat in between meals or should that be eaten with my salad at lunch/dinner? Does bone broth with salt break a fast? (I’m a salt fanatic…I can never eat enough, which is probably a problem in and of itself).

4. I am also working on over drinking and managing urges. I’d like to get to a point where I no longer drink but am so far from that. I’m still at the “I can’t imagine my life without it point.” So, is it ok to put this aside while I work on the diet and just focus on that first and then tackle the overdrinking, or do you recommend working on both at once?

So many questions you’ve probably already answered a million times. Sorry for the repeat! Thanks Brooke! Your program is awesome.