So, I was watching the Quick Start videos. I honestly could not think of one single reason I like to drink other than it’s a habit I learned at a time I was going through a loss and it was easier to come home and have wine than to deal with my sadness about my marriage. Of course this made my depression worse – duh! I’m in a much better place now but I still have this habit. I don’t think it’s sophisticated to have wine, I don’t think it smells good, I don’t think I’m funnier with it (I know I’m more pleasant to be around sober because I don’t like drunk or buzzed me), I don’t like the first sip, I don’t like pouring it,I don’t like feeling depressed when I drink it. I could go on and on. My list of reasons not to drink is very long. Do I just keep on with allowing my urges and is it ok to say I have a drink plan of not drinking for two weeks or is this just using will power?

Thank you.