Money Safety

So investigating further the thought
money makes me feel safe

Specifically it’s…
having money in my bank account to be able to spend
being able to spend money without worrying about running out
knowing i can buy what i want
knowing there’s enough money – this is a tricky one, because what’s enough?

How much or little creates the feeling of safety?
This is hard to quantify. I feel safer the more I have in the bank, but I can see that’s never going to be enough with the thoughts I currently have.
I also go to… I might lose all my money, I’ll get a big tax bill, one of the businesses wont work and I’ll lose it all.

I know in my mind money doesn’t make me feel safe=> I make me feel safe=> My capacity to earn, my ability, my potential
Is it a matter of spending more time in these thoughts to help me build that belief?