DS – Thoughts About Money – Kara’s Call

My issue is around asking friends to pay for my services.

I have a friend who wants to come to my retreat.  She asked how to pay – ie go to website?  I told her no, we’d work it out.  I feel super uncomfortable here. I’m ok accepting money from others in various situations. I’d like to unpack this further.

C: friend asks how to pay for retreat
T: I don’t like asking for money
F: uncomfortable, icky
A: I tell her don’t worry
R: I don’t receive any money

If I do another model with the F as a C:
C: I feel uncomfortable because I’m thinking I don’t like asking for money
T; get over it
F: annoyed
A: talk to myself from a place of judgement. I don’t speak kindly to myself, I don’t allow my emotions
R: I don’t move through this

Wow. This is interesting. Where do I go with this?