Early Plateau?

Mornin! I may be worrying unnecessarily, but I’m looking for some practical advice or maybe just encouragement. I started my protocol on June 5 with 115lb to lose. In the first 19 days I lost 21lb. This was incredibly encouraging and miraculous to me. I have been laser-like in my focus and have not had one snack, or gone of my plan. My “joy eats” have been to have wine on 4 of these last 24 days.

But 4 days ago, I gained 2 lb, and have not lost any since. Yesterday I increased my water intake substantially, and also tried to get in more healthy fats. This morning the scale didn’t budge. I thought I was fat adapted, but maybe not?

I’m 37 and have struggled my entire adult life with my weight. I’ve tried it all, and Geneen Roth’s workshop led me to stop fighting with myself, which didn’t result in falling to my natural weight, but stopped me from dieting and mentally struggling constantly. I had resigned to just being overweight and I banished the scale. Then I found your work, and am so encouraged and hopeful. Weighing myself every day feels so foreign to me.

Any suggestions or advice?