Eat vs. Loneliness

Hi Brooke,

On today’s Overeating call, you had suggested that when you feel the urge to binge, it’s because you think that that’s the “best thing” to do at that moment in your life, and that we should ask ourselves what we want to do instead. My issue is that often I eat because I am lonely or eat least would prefer to have more adult interaction daily. I work at home by myself; my children are great but they are grown and often busy with friends; my spouse is also great and we have a wonderful relationship. But I crave more girlfriends. I do reach out, but it seems imbalanced (e.g. I reach out and 1/5 times I’ll get a response).

I love my own company- it’s not that because I do enjoy my alone time too – just not 24/7. I am buffering with food and don’t want to do that anymore, but I also cannot immediately come up with girlfriends to hang out with and there’s only so many solo-hobbies I can do (read, work out, learn photography, walk my dog, etc. – all of which I have done). What do you suggest?