Eating Around Workouts

I am not trying to loose a lot of weight, in fact, I am more trying to get and stay lean. I can get close, but then I will emotionally eat and have to loose the same 5 pounds over and over. I have been eating as you suggest, minus the bingeing (aka Storm eating), for over 9 years and love to lift weights, (at least 4 days a week). My question is around my post workout nutrition. I exercise early in the mornings and have been told forever that I need protein within an hour. I eat egg whites mixed with pea protein (my version of a protein pancake). . I have experimented with fasting through this window and feel fine doing so, however, I really like muscle and want to be sure I am not wasting the lifting sessions. Right now I am playing around with eating my last meal at 5pm, and eating my breakfast around 7:00am, post workout. Do you feel this is along enough fast? Do you feel that there is better fasting window, or is it just going without food?