Eating while on holiday

I have been thinking that even though I say I WANT to lose weight (the final few kgs that keep going up & down), I am not actually COMMITTED to doing this. How can I move from wanting to commitment?

A good example that’s playing out in my life is eating during travel. I’m about to travel for 10 days during the Easter break (leaving tomorrow) & I’m worried about overeating & putting on weight while on holiday. This has been a pattern. Here are my models today on this. I would love to strengthen my intentional model & actually create a plan that I can trust before leaving. I don’t quite trust my intentional model yet. I’m not there yet – which adds to my worry.

Unintentional model
C:  travel on Monday (will be there 10 days)
T:  Traveling means putting on weight, eating out of control
F:  helpless
A:  avoiding the whole thing altogether. telling myself I don’t know what to do and keep shifting between ideas: nothing feels right,
buffering while there, eating off plan, & overeating, bingeing, Stuck in indecision & confusion [indulgent emotions – staying where I am], spoil my time on holiday with worrying thoughts, self defeating thinking, I think of different eating plans while on holiday & reject all of them mentally: nothing seems right.
R: I put on weight while on holiday

Intentional model
C: travel on Monday (will be there 10 days)
T: I can take care of myself and maintain my weight while on holiday
F: committed
A: I ask good questions & make strong, clear decisions, Consider there’s nothing wrong when these cycles happen, slightly more eating on holiday, less eating in my daily routine, I ask: how can I look after myself while I’m in Greece?
R: I maintain my weight while on holiday