Email to My Parents

I stopped communicating with my parents just over a year ago and have finally acknowledged that I need to open up and be honest with them and apologize for my actions. I want so badly to put it off on the one hand, but on the other I know I will feel much better after doing it. I want to rid myself of the weight that I am carrying around and create the feeling of freedom to create the life that I want. I am trying to figure out how to construct my model around this and find the courage to just type with 100% honesty. This is also my DOD.

C: Fight with my parents
T: I need to take ownership of my actions and be honest with them about how I feel; sending an email would be the easiest way for me to process this, but I’m worried about how they’ll respond.
F: Nervous
A: Leave certain things out or put the email off.
R: Don’t take ownership of my actions, continue carrying around this heavy weight and keeping the door closed on them.

C: Fight with my parents
T: I need to be honest with my parents and take ownership of my actions
F: Confident
A: Send email to parents
R: Release the heavy weight that I have been lugging around and prove that I can express myself to them in an honest and loving way