Unable to shutdown at the end of the day

Hi coaches,
I find myself unable to unwind or step back from work after coming home.
My mind is constantly racing with thoughts about the project at work even after coming home. I want to spend my evenings with my son and be fully present. I am aware that my mind keeps going back to the project. I am having some conflicts about it with another team which is making me uncomfortable. If the project was all rainbows and daisies I know I can unwind pretty easily (have experienced that before)
My thoughts while hanging out with my son are –
1. Lets think about this other way to solve the problem
2. May be I should go back to my study room and write down all the thoughts right now so I dont forget.

My brain says those thoughts are harmless and I think them only because I want to solve the problem/project. But I realized that is not completely true. I also found myself thinking other thoughts
Hidden/not so obvious thoughts
1. This project was supposed to be small effort and its taking so long
2. The other team hates me for going back and forth

I am finding my mind constantly racing and not resting when it needs to. I tried following thoughts/beliefs
1. This is as good as done
2. People are going to think thoughts either way (this is the most helpful so far)

Can you please advise?