Emotional/Physical Connection with Husband

My husband recently stated that he is extremely unhappy in many areas of his life, including our 16-year marriage. He admits he may be experiencing depression or burnout but just “doesn’t know.”

His behavior towards me has become very cold and disengaged, leaving me longing for emotional and physical connection. He states that he “needs more space” to sort things out. This has been for almost 2 months. Previously we had an excellent relationship. He has confirmed there is no other party involved.

My model:
C- husband will not engage in physical affection
T- he will leave me, he is not attracted to me
F-hopeless, shock/despair
A-withdraw from any time with him because of resentment of his behavior
R-feeling further disconnected, no closer to repairing the relationship

I’m brand new to Scholars so I have no idea how to create an intentional model to help me reconnect emotionally and physically with my husband. I understand I cannot control his behavior so I feel like I have no power to change the situation. Any advice is appreciated.