Empowered to Powerless – At What Point Am I Indulging a Feeling?

I just got news that has left me feeling kind of powerless.

I’ve been on medication to help treat depression and anxiety and upon calling for a refill, I’ve been told that my doctor is refusing to refill my medication.

I’m completely confused. I’ve been taking it as prescribed, and not sure why this would suddenly happen.

Just days ago I was feeling very empowered and feeling like I can finally start taking control of my life – I made plans to follow my protocol and do the real work I need to do in order to Stop Overdrinking and move forward with that goal, along with others.

I went from feeling confident to now feeling like everything has fallen apart. I have to start over with the medication and finding another doctor, I suppose. But the truth is that I never wanted to be on medication to begin with. The medication started to help and I was really feeling much better – and for some reason being told I can’t have it has invoked feelings of loss, anger, hopeless – feeling like there’s no one to support me, not even my doctor who I thought I could trust to be there for me.

So, I’m not really sure where to go from here. Do I try to fully feel these feelings of despair, confusion, anger, and frustration? And at what point am I just feeling sorry for myself and letting my thoughts about this circumstance completely drown me (indulging in these emotions)?

I guess at this point my biggest problem is feeling confusion. Not sure what to do next to get back to feeling empowered after feeling like someone pulled the rug out from under me.