Endurance running & food/fuel

I like to run about 12 miles on Saturday mornings. I find when I do this longer work out that after about 60 minutes I need some sort of fuel. I’ve always used these Cliff gels that have caffeine and 48 grams of lots of carbs in them. It definitely keeps me going for the next hour. I have cut out all sugar otherwise but I’m wondering what the net effect is here. Asking myself should I just stick with 60 minute runs and that way I can stay on my protocol but I also want to feel very fit. Do you have a suggestion? I exercised to be strong, not for weight loss, but I love the amazing feeling after a 12 mile run. However, It does set me back a day or two, I can’t do much on Sunday in the form of exercise and Monday is usually a light day too. Since you have coached for so long I have a feeling you’ve come across this and I wonder what your thoughts are. Thanks in advance.