Model Check on Family Visit

Hi Brooke – can you check and help with a model for me?

C: Family coming to visit
T: Stresses me out
(Here is my first question – I have a lot of sub thoughts like: there’s too much to do to get ready, I don’t sleep well while they’re here, they’re visit is too long, it’s hard to watch my brother drink too much, etc. Can I compile these into “Stresses me out,” or do I need to do a model for each thought?)
F: Overwhelm
A: Combination of obsessive thinking and racing around to “get ready”
R: Takes me out of the moment and keeps me focused on the future when they will be gone

C: Family coming to visit
T: (I sort of did a brainstorm to try out potential thoughts) thee’s no time to rush, my family is a gift, I can ask for help, we can all chip in, I “care/worry” way more than they do, the visit will happen regardless of my state about it so I might as well make it good
F: relaxed and grateful
A: Stay centered and grounded in the moment both before and while they are here
R: A rich time with my family

Any suggestions? I think I’m struggling with the A line a bit on both, and also maybe a solid new T. Thank you, as always!