Energy model – a confusing circumstance

I often have trouble figuring out what the circumstance in my models should be. I usually start with a thought and fill it out, always a bit confused about the circumstance unless it’s super obvious to me.

Here is the model I started, but not sure the circumstance is really “factual”.

Unintentional Model:
C- My body has energy today
T- I wish I felt this energy all the time.
F- Disappointment
A- Think about all the times I don’t have energy and how often, start feeling lethargic, start losing energy thinking about non-energy thoughts.
R- Less energy

Intentional Model:
C- My body has energy today
T- I want to figure out a way to generate this energy whenever I need it.
F- Curious
A- Think of thoughts/actions that create energy within me, write them down.
R- I have a list of thoughts/actions I can follow next time I want/need to generate energy.

Just need help in figuring out if I’m doing this model correctly. Thanks!