Enjoying the journey – the “now”

Hi Brooke,

After being in SCS for 5 months, I’m much more aware of my thoughts each day, and also have been reflecting my past thoughts/reactions and how they did not serve me. Not in a regretful way but just in an observant when. I’m currently trying to get pregnant with my second child and the process has taken longer than I expected. The first time around I got pregnant right off the bat. I didn’t know how easy I had it! I spent much of my previous pregnancy in worry – hoping I would have a healthy pregnancy, a full-term baby, a medication free delivery. I mean, I thought about it A LOT. I took lots of classes, interviewed doctors to find the right fit, obsessed, read blogs, books, etc. But, I don’t think I ever really owned or enjoyed being pregnant. In hindsight, my pregnancy was awesome! I got pregnant the first time I tried, had a healthy, relatively easy pregnancy, a natural childbirth, a full-term, healthy baby. But during the process I was riddled with fears, concerns, stress, negative thoughts, etc.

So, here I am again, trying to get pregnant and I want to enjoy the journey. So far, the challenge has been managing my mind that I WILL get pregnant, nothing has gone wrong, it will happen. I see the upside currently is that I’m way more intimate with my husband than we have been in years, I mean YEARS. So, this experience of not getting pregnant right away has made us commit to an active sex life and that’s awesome.

My question is, how can I, in this or any aspect of my life where I’m working towards a big goal, not have this “grin and bear it” mentality to the process? I.E. growing clients in my business should be awesome, not full of worry. Appreciating and loving the “now?”