Enjoying my dad while he’s still there & having regrets if not doing so

Hi there! 🙂
Thank you so much for your help!!

I live abroad and my dad is 80 years old. We have a great relationship.
Sometimes, I’m afraid that I’m not with him enough and that I may regret it in the long run.
I’m trying not to be “all or nothing” which means that I can still be living abroad and coming back often.
Sometimes, I wish he would tell me “it’s aaaall good! Live your life and come once in a while!”
I know that I can tell myself this and feel relieved even if he’s not telling me this 😉 but I really want to control his model so I can feel quiet and relieved 🙂

Could you give me some great questions as always please, so I can set myself free and do what’s best for both of us? 🙂

Thank you so so much!!!

P.S. I thought of guiding myself with the following question:
Why is it a problem? Because I don’t want my dad to be sad for not seeing me enough and I don’t want to regret not seeing him enough but at the same time, I want to live my life which means, not being/living with him all the time.