I was hoping to get some help with my evenings.

I am very much in this place where evenings produce a low level of anxiety (I did not understand this until I did some journaling on it). I have a hard time getting enough sleep in the evenings and have been trying to set up a sleep protocol, but that is also causing me stress. I want to stop eating 3 hours before I go to bed because of digestive reasons.

My body gets naturally tired around 8/830 pm which is an early time frame for my house with two boys, but if I miss that window I often can’t sleep or if I eat too late my stomach bothers me. I am having a hard time honoring that and also managing my house responsibilities at the same time.

I also have this thought that if I go for a walk with my husband later in the evening I will be too awake to go to bed after this walk or hungry. But I do want to walk with him, but I just keep telling myself I am too tired or I will be hungry. I am afraid of this and I know the worst thing that happens is I don’t sleep or I eat something, but for some reason my brain is offering me that I will gain weight by not sleeping and eating into the evening time. I have a fear of how I will talk to myself if I gain weight, but I know I am missing a chance for connection to my husband. TIA.