Enough as I am VS Striving to Be and Do More

I have come to the realization that no matter what I do, I am constantly criticizing myself and telling myself that I’m doing it wrong.

I created an unintentional model to help me understand how my negative thought process is affecting me:
C- Daily life
T- I’m not doing it right (should be working more, spending more time with my kids, reading more, etc, etc)
F- Defeated
A- Beat myself up, criticize myself, always feel like I’m bad/wrong, don’t give myself a mental break
R- I’m not doing it right for me (because constantly beating myself up is not right for me)

I’m really struggling with how to create an intentional model around all of this, or at least find some thoughts that will better serve me. This model has been such an ingrained part of my daily thought process pretty much since childhood that I’m not sure how to move beyond it.

I know that beating myself up/criticizing myself doesn’t serve me, but I also have a vision of a relationship with myself where I show up and do what I have decided I’m going to do ahead of time and I really want to work toward that.

Thoughts would be much appreciated!