Enrolling in Life Coach School

I am wanting to enroll in the August class of Life Coach School. My husband is not completely on board because of the cost. He is 62 and I am 58. He is focused on wanting to save money for retirement. At this time I am working full time and starting my Wellness Coaching business. I want to become certified as a Life Coach because I believe it will help me improve my coaching skills to an entirely different level, which will help be an amazing coach for my clients. I am concerned about the cost as well, but am looking at it as an investment in my career and the ability to do the work I love to do. (And the goal of course is quit my job and pursue this full time at some point soon.)
I need help with how to present it to my husband, knowing that I can’t change how he sees it or views it but would love his support. I have done a few models but I’m not sure if I am doing them correctly. C-Cost of School, T-We can’t afford it F-disappointment A-I don’t enroll R-I continue as is. The other one C-Cost of School, T-investing in my career, F-Excitement -A-I will enroll R-I become a better coach