Entrepreneur question: Conversion to downstream work

Hi Brooke! I started my own coaching business. I was COMPELLED to act after listening to you and wanting to do this for the past TWO YEARS, so I did. I just did!!!! Squeeeee! Got the tax situation in order, counsel has signed off on it all, got the financial forecasting done with some big, hairy, audacious goals, and even trademarking my stuff. My plan was to get my house in order in Q4 and launch in Q1 2018, but clients and referrals are coming out of my ears already. The issue I have is that my lead product is super popular – the feedback is positive, and I have good referrals and testimonials coming out of it so far – but I’m having trouble converting people to the second module of my program. I charge for the lead product up front, so I wonder if I just need to charge more for the lead product since it’s very profitable, or do something differently to convert to downstream work. Or both. But I don’t know how to do the latter. The things I’ve thought about doing don’t jibe with my style (become salesy and chase people down – no way). Could it be that the rest of my program simply doesn’t provide value to people?? Hm.

The sense I get is that my clients glom onto the coaching with intensity so that after the first module, they feel like they’ve learned a lot and MASTERED everything and figure they can take it from there on their own. I haven’t validated that, though. Oh! Maybe I should just ask them…

Any ideas for me to try? (P.S. I haven’t worked my way through the How to Be a Coach podcast yet, so if that has some ideas, I will certainly get to them.) Thanks very much in advance.