Epic fails for my coaching business — am I on track?

My impossible goal is to make 100K from my coaching business, on top of my existing business.

I’ve done the obstacles/doubts — mostly it’s about me thinking I don’t have enough time to devote to this new coaching business + finding out the bulk of the following I’ve built so far isn’t at an income level that matches the prices I want to charge — and I’ve identified strategies to overcome them.

I’m not sure I’m on the right track for my epic fails, as my list feels more like brainstorming, and I feel like I’d be running in a million different directions when I know constraint is more powerful.

I’d love to hear your thoughts:

– Set up a welcome sequence of 5 emails to new subscribers of my list, resulting in me offering my coaching program
– Contact 5 Chief Happiness Officers through LinkedIn to discuss their needs for motivational speakers
– Brainstorm 10 topic ideas for inspirational speeches suitable within the setting of a company
– Pitch my top 3 ideas to 10 Chief Happiness Officers
– Write to my list weekly with a tip/insight/thought
– Ask 5 expat bloggers to schedule a conversation to identify specific problems/needs of expat women (a possible niche for me)
– Identify 10 expat blogs that I like and read 2x/month to gain insights into topics
– Brainstorm 10 new freebie ideas
– Pick one idea and create a new freebie
– Review all of my current coaching/free conversation notes to draw ideas for new podcast episodes
– Schedule 10 conversations/week to sell my coaching
– Shoot 10 videos for my YouTube channel adressing problems my ideal client has
– Email my list 2x/month to advertise coaching spots freeing up
– Do 3 Facebook Live Q&A sessions
– Do 3 Instagram Live Q&A sessions
– Research/study webinar funnel structures
– Test 5 different Facebook ads
– Brainstorm 10 topic ideas for webinars to sell my coaching program
– Run 1 webinar per month to sell my coaching program
– Watch the new Entrepreneur videos I haven’t yet watched
– Be my authentic self during my LCS interview with Jody
– Meditate daily
– Do my SCS work daily
– Study the Frank Kern courses I have and haven’t yet watched, and make a list of actionable insights from each
– Go through the Mailchimp course I have and haven’t yet watched, and make a list of actionable insights