Mindfulness and CTFAR for kids and teenagers at risk- should I get a masters degree in counseling along with LC certification to open opportunities

I am drawn to starting a new career at the age of 60.

The career I am currently drawn to is associated with helping kids and teens at risk using mindfulness and CTFAR skills. I am considering Life Coach Certification with you in 2019 (2018 is closed?) for this purpose. I will be moving to a new city in the US with a large population of kids at risk. I may or may not start a on profit. I like the fact that this is work I can do for the next few decades.

My question is: because I want to work with kids and teens, would it behoove me to get a masters degree (along with LC training)- there are online counseling programs that are accepted for certification by the state. Along with the online, I would do local internships. I may consider other fields of mental health and well being.

In this way with an online masters degree, I would have mainstream credentials and our cutting edge CTFAR tools .