Is it ever helpful to examine the past?

I’ve lived the majority of my life defining myself as “broken” because of sexual abuse, trauma, and abandonment as a child.

I recognize there is a desire in me to hold on to those stories. As if holding on to them somehow means those experiences matter. There’s also the payoff of being needy and getting love and attention for my brokenness.

After years of feeling broken, it’s a large part of my identity and I didn’t know who I’d be without it.

From listening to you recently, I now know that I can and will be whatever I decide. Empowering!

However, I have this lingering feeling that there are things from the past that need to be resolved or worked through. I know I have false beliefs, insecurities, physical and emotional triggers and anxiety ingrained from those childhood experiences. Is there ever a need to examine the past? Or can you completely leave the past in the past and only look to the future?