Everyday Glam thought models

Circumstance: everyday Glam dare
Thoughts: people are staring at me because of my hair and dresses
Feeling: embarrassment
Action: get dressed up anyway because I said I would, obsess over my hair and makeup, look for something wrong with the way I look to explain why I may be stared at, overeat
Result: feel more uncomfortable

C: everyday Glam dare
T: this is all too much and unnecessary
F: shame
A: get dressed up anyway, buffer by looking at pictures of vintage outfits on Pinterest, ask friend if I look okay and if I’m overdoing it
R: sit with discomfort

C: everyday Glam dare
T: who the hell do I think I am? Only really thin women can pull this off
F: anxiety
A: desire to overeat, tug on my clothes, work really hard to maintain my posture which is pretty necessary when you’re wearing a girdle
R: tolerable discomfort

C: everyday Glam dare
T: Damn, I really am kind of fabulous
F: amused
A: find outfits for the rest of the week, plan items to sew to complete my Glam wardrobe, research 1940s hair and makeup
R: curious to keep going and excited to try on new looks

Sorry if that was a bit of a book.