Ex Boyfriend Work Reappears

Hey Brooke!
I thought I was thoroughly through releasing and forgiving my ex boyfriend (your forgiveness podcast helped so much, thank you)! However I’m now seeing thoughts reappear so much so I had an entire dream last night about the whole scenario, crazy!
Here are my models.
C: Ex and I don’t interact anymore
T: I no longer have any relationship w/ him
F: Sad
A: Inaction
R: No relationship w/ ex
C: Ex and I don’t interact anymore
T: Ex was a huge part of my life and we will always share that bond, no one can take away the six and half years we had together
F: Gratefulness & love
A: Releasing and cord cutting meditation by gabby bernstein, sending love and kindness whenever I think of him
R: Healthy closure of an important relationship
Thank you for your help!