Exercising constraint in my career aspirations.

Hi Brooke,

My question is regarding the concept of “constraint” as it pertains to choosing a single goal to focus my energies on.
I am a medical resident in Montreal, and our training program sets a number of objectives for us in terms of medical knowledge, leadership, student teaching, research, and procedures. I originally had set a number of goals in each of these categories to work on for the next 6 months (until the end of my first year of training), and it feels overwhelming. While these goals are all related to “career”, the overall picture is still very broad. The challenge, however, is that I feel anxious about focusing my energies on one component (eg research), because I feel like my other career objectives will suffer. I know that you had addressed this issue in the January 19th call, and I appreciated the discussion that the skills applied to achieving one goal will have benefits to the other facets of my life, but I still feel the urge to try and focus on everything simultaneously. I would appreciate any words of wisdom on this situation.