existential ache for baked goods and discomfort

April was a mish mosh. I spent more time mentally spinning out. And it took awhile to get my bearings.

Seeing myself NOT take action on my time management protocol and swing into self doubt was something.

I’ve turned myself inside and out over taking my self doubt and second guessing so seriously.

I’d like to share my model and would appreciate any words of advice

C – decide on what to do next in business

T – i’m uncomfortable, i’m missing something, i don’t know what to do about my business decision, i’m afraid of making the wrong decision, i’ve made so many mistakes in the past, the past has plenty of evidence that my own decisions aren’t that great, so much is at stake now (family to provide for, etc), maybe discomfort is a sign to go give up my 20 year business and do something else

F – uncomfortable, aching for baked goods, dreaming about it, wanting comfort

A – eat a piece of toast here and there

R – unsatisfied, distracted by health symptoms coming back, start repeating stop and start cycle


T – your past thinking will not get you to your future self (borrowed from brooke), the past also happens to have 50% great decisions, it’s not all bad.

F – curious, brave, willing

A – one thing at a time, until it is done. it’s better then spinning out after all.

R – new results to look forward to

Thanks for your time!