Expenses increasing, Income decreasing

This week I found out that my income is decreasing (due to one of the companies I work for getting bought out and eliminating my department) and then my expenses are increasing) due to my rent being raised and a couple of other unexpected bills). Though I had a bit of a monthly cushion, I really need to come up with an extra $700/month to make up for this and I am currently thinking not great thoughts about my ability to create this extra money. Also, overall, though I’ve made great strides, I really want to be creating/earning much more money than I currently am. Would love some coaching on this.

C: Creating an additional $1000/month

T: I don’t know if I have what it takes to create this on my own
T: I’ve never consistently created this much as an entrepreneur
T: I don’t have the time or resources I need to create this money as an entrepreneur
T: I’m not the greatest at earning money
T: I don’t know how I’m going to do this
T: I am on my own
T: I have to make this happen

T: I don’t know how I’m going to do this
F: afraid
A: clench my jaw, act like I can do this but inside I feel panicked, buffer, spin and fester in my mind, chastise myself for being in this situation in the first place at my age
R: Don’t come up with a plan and don’t create the additional income I need

T: I’ve done this before and I will figure out how to do it again
F: capable
A: sit down with the numbers, brainstorm ideas, get coaching, start trying different things, come up with a plan
R: Don’t stop taking action until I create the income I need

So my intentional model is ok and I pretty much believe my NT because I have earned this amount of money in the past. But, I want to be the kind of woman that knows I can support myself and my family, thrive financially instead of scraping by no matter what – and I know I don’t currently have the belief I need to get there and feel a lot of doubt and fear.