Thought ladders for forgiveness and bank balances


I am working on forgiving myself, accepting my inherent worthiness without question and being ok with where I am at and to stop blaming and beating myself up for ‘not being where I should be in my life’ especially financially. I have believed the exact opposite for a long, long time but with consistency and dedication am starting to see shifts and changes towards my new beliefs and stories. That said, I could use some help with ladder/bridge thoughts because I think that my brain is strongly rejecting the ‘ideal’ new beliefs. I know this is to be expected and believe that I am in the river of misery but could use some insight and coaching. For example, these are some thoughts that I am working towards:

I am worthy
Nothing has gone wrong
I am right where I need to be
Everything that I have created can be recreated
We do this with love or not at all
I was doing the best I could with what I had at the time

C: bank account balance and current amount of debt owed
T: I don’t know how I’m going to turn ship around
F: ashamed
A: avoid looking at bills, put things off, buffer, keep doing jobs that take up a lot of time but don’t pay that well, don’t take actions in my business
R: Nothing really changes in my financial situation

C: bank and debt balances
T: I am learning how to change my beliefs about myself and what is possible for me
F: awake
A: show up and do my thought work, figure out how to make up the money I earn from one of my part-time jobs, reach out for coaching and support, continue working on forgiving myself and being more loving
R: Start the process and build more trust in believing that changing my story and beliefs is the way to change my financial situation