Extreme Fatigue CP

Hi Brooke,
I’ve been eating according to my protocol NS/NF for about 8 weeks now. I don’t feel much hunger and fast 17 hours… based on “how to know if you’re fat adaptive”… I assume and feel that I am. However, in the past 8-10 days I have been suffering from extreme fatigue. I usually just go go go and get stuff done and quit at 10:30pm ONLY because I need to get to bed (not because I’m tired) to get adequate rest. Lately… by 8:30/9pm I am physically so tired (like yawing and can’t keep awake). My brain is still clear, my body is physically able to move and function… I’m just too tired to stay awake. Is this something that others feel when about 8 weeks out and fat adaptive. (BTW, no I’m not pregnant) I usually don’t drink much caffeine (1/2 can diet soda each day), but this week I’ve added a 32 ounces of diet soda and I’m still SO so tired. Any thoughts or suggestions?