Failed Eval

Hi Coaches,

I’m having a hard time pinpointing the origin of what’s bothering me or identifying a next move forward. I’m hoping for some language or support to help me understand what I’m experiencing.

Over the next two months, I’m have multiple performance-based evaluations scheduled (up for promotion at my current job, in-progress in a certification program, new job interviews lined up).

I just received my first “fail” evaluation in my certification program, and now I’m afraid I’ll fail at all of my professional goals.

I think the model looks like this:

C: I failed a performance-based evaluation for certification.
T: I’m going to continue to fail – at everything.
F: Avoidant
A: Tell myself I have no control over whether I pass or fail the program in its entirety. Criticize the system of evaluation. Question the validity evaluation process. Question my competence. Dread future evaluations. Catastrophize. Ruminate. Notice my ego.
R: Doubt my ability to achieve my professional goals. Approach evals and progressional goals anxiously.

Ideally, I’d like to process this failed evaluation and get back to expansive living quickly.