Failure #4 – I Keep Over-Drinking

You just tweeted podcast #4 about failure which gave me some insight into what my coach and I are working on that I need to fail to succeed. I thought I was getting really good at failing and then I realized it was self-sabotage failure. Very interesting that I was expecting a different result when I wasn’t really trying to learn from the failure and I just kept doing the same thing and then beating myself up for it.
…Wake up in the morning, do thought downloads and learn and move on, I’m not going to drink I didn’t plan it, on way home from work, I’m tired, I want it, I pick up a bottle of wine, I drink it…opps…failure…do it again tomorrow.
Hmmm…and I wonder why I am not attaining my goal.
Anyways, I am working on a model of how I think I want to feel when I reach my goal and just want to confirm my circumstance. At first I had “I only drink when I plan it” as my circumstance, but that is my thought isn’t it?
C Not over-drinking
T I only drink when I plan it
F Confident
A I follow my plan
R I control when and how much I drink
One other question…I was habitually drinking a bottle of wine a night (4 glasses), easily, and I have a drinking protocol of 3 glasses a night to start. Is it good enough to work towards this general rule, or should I still be writing that down everyday 24hours in advance?
Thank you!!