Failure – Hidden Model/Thought

Just listened to Model the Model podcast (three times it was that good). I had an aha around failure and a hidden Model when started diving in. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I was holding back in a few identified areas of my life. It wasn’t a fear of failure. When I think about failing that doesn’t scare me, my thought about failure is I know that I learn and grow from it. What I finally hit on was a fear related to opinions of others. Not just being seen as incompetent or other negative judgement, but NEVER being able to change that first impression/opinion of me if someone saw me fail even if I became an expert or success which is inevitable when you try try try again. BUT in finally putting this thought out on the table, I also realize I never had control over their opinion and never will. So I’ve wasted time NOT trying and possibly failing, the result being I haven’t been strengthening my learning and succeeding muscle in these areas. What?! Game on. Thank you Brooke and team for the coaching, thought work and space!