Family protocol

So no manuals.
But, I’ve given my Self the gift of a protocol for my family… and Hubby’s as well.

Always meet in public places
Always have a clear beginning and end
Approach the situation with a clear head, clear thoughts… love and compassion (no wine, no beer)
Always buy, if I am able
Stay aware and do not “ignore” or “disregard” harmless barbs… see them, be aware and keep me and my family in a healthy state of mind
And see the signs of negativity and be sure to leave on a positive, high note
Follow up with a cute pic and loving text
Make no future commitments or be ensnared with disengenuous “help”/social positioning
Then, go for a walk with the dog outdoors to ground myself

I’m 43…
this is so much healthier and more loving than years passed.

This isn’t me changing my Circumstances is it?