Family reunions – update

Thank you for the advice to experiment with different drink plans while I’m at these reunions. I wanted to give you an update on how this one is going. We are with my husband’s family and of course everything has not gone as “planned.” I have the best thoughts about it all though. I didn’t anticipate it being this easy, but my daily work has trained me to think differently. Of course my mother in law made the reservations for an extra night so we’re going to be paying more than we planned. Of course my kids are crabby because they have had more junk food and way less sleep compared to usual. Of course my brother in law (who is hosting the lunch with 40+ family members at our cabin) disappeared on an epic bike ride until right before it was supposed to start and then criticized our set up. Of course my husband is crabby because he’s feeling frustrated. Of course I forgot my daughter’s pull ups to sleep in and we are in the middle of nowhere (and I had commented to my husband while packing that I didn’t want him to pack the kids because he always forgets important things). 😂 With all of this I am just laughing. This is the most relaxed I’ve ever been on one of these trips. It’s allowed me to be gentle on myself as well as gentle on my kids and husband when they aren’t feeling their best. I had a glass of wine planned with lunch which is still sitting here an hour later. I would have easily consumed a few glasses at this point in years passed.

Thank you for providing all of this self coaching guidance!!!!!