Social Event Last Night

Brooke, I am a different person. Yesterday, people were telling me that I looked good, glowing, they even told my husband. I was surprised, because people were asking me about my business, my work, there was so much love – however, I didn’t actually realize others were noticing until last night. I lost 25 pounds, but I don’t feel like I look that much different yet, I am wearing the same clothes. I also did not make the food my #1 concern (as done in the past). I was a social butterfly – I talked with people (it was a very familiar room). I reconnected with others, asked questions. I felt engaged. I did have a brief moment towards the end where I felt a bit awkward and anxious, but after feeling it, I sat next to a friend and continued to talk and the feeling passed.
I feel like I am at a bright door, like in the movies, where the door opens and it is glowing white – I can’s see outside. It’s a bit unnerving, but I feel ready, to step into it. I can manage the emotions.